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LUNA Wire Box Trap
Nr. 556 008

Wire box trap for the humane live capture of martens, polecats and larger predators”

  • Live-capture trap with doors on both sides (walkthrough trap) for the humane and species-appropriate capture of martens, cats and polecats, as well as larger rodents and predators
  • Lattice construction for use near ponds, also for the live capture of otters
  • Wire box, doors and trigger mechanism made of painted iron grille and steel sheet with corrosion protection for long-term outdoor use
  • “Step” trigger mechanism and trap doors pose no risk of injury for animals (even in failed/partial capture)
  • Please note: You must comply with the legal provisions on darkening live traps when catching martens

General information on capturing martens:

Martens are not protected animals under the German Species Protection Act. It is a huntable animal and is subject to the German Hunting Act. The German Hunting Act does not apply in “pacified areas” (private property, court gardens and home gardens). The owner of the hunting grounds and their agents are permitted to undertake acts of hunting (setting traps to capture martens). This also applies to the owner of the respective property. The marten can only be hunted during a specified season (stone marten 16 October to 28 February). It is generally advisable to consult with the responsible hunting grounds owner when faced with a marten problem. The wood box trap complies with Germany’s Federal Hunting Act. Any state hunting regulations that deviate from the federal laws must be observed.

Bait suggestions

Marten & polecat: Raw eggs, meat cuts of furred game or game birds, raisins, fruit

Cats: Meat, fish, smoked meat

Otters: Fish

  1. • Place the bait in the bait hole on the metal seesaw
  2. Secure the door holding clamp under the seesaw clamp
  3. Place the trap doors in guide rails
  4. Place the trap along the animal’s passageways (close to feeding places, straw piles, wood piles and chicken coops, or along fences and walls)

Check the trap regularly, multiple times a day!

Product specifications

Materials: Painted wire mesh, painted steel sheet

Weight: 7.5 kg

Dimensions: 1000 x 300 x 340 mm

Packaging variants
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