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DEUFA GmbH is a family business with over 130 years of history. Our philosophy is to manufacture rodent traps for species-appropriate and poison-free pest control. Our products are gentle, environmentally friendly and efficient - without the use of poisons. We attach great importance to the respectful treatment of all living creatures, even if they are pests. User-friendliness, testimonials from our customers and compliance with animal welfare regulations are particularly important to us.

The quality seal "Made in Germany" is part of our company philosophy. We source our raw materials close to the consumer in order to reduce transport distances and emissions. Our steel products come from the EU. In addition, we only use wood with PEFCTM certification for sustainable forest management.

PEFCTM-certified wood and wood products come from ecologically, economically and socially sustainable forestry.

DEUFA in brief

  • Family business with over 130 years of tradition
  • Sustainable production of rodent traps for species-appropriate, poison-free pest control
  • Environmentally friendly and respectful treatment of nature
  • Further development of our products taking into account user-friendliness and animal welfare regulations


Our history dates back to 1888, when company founder Franz Keim took over his father's forge in Dommelstadl. We developed our successful Bavarian wire trap as early as 1892. In the early years we manufactured by hand in three shifts. In 1902, we started with impact traps to control mice and rats. Over the years, we invested in further development and introduced fully automatic machines. In the 1920s, our LUNA brand became internationally known.

In the 1930s, we expanded our range to include live traps. Since then, we have been producing basket and wire cage traps. We constantly modernise our operations and manufacture our own machines. From the 1960s onwards, plastic products were added. In the 1990s, we acquired the LUCHS and FOX brands and have been trading as DEUFA (Deutsche Fallenproduktions- und Vertriebs GmbH) ever since.

We master the challenge of maintaining the production site in Germany through technologisation and modernisation. We are proud of our more than 125-year history and look to the future with confidence.

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DEUFA values long-term cooperation based on trust. As a B2B-oriented company, we highly appreciate the exchange with our partners and are committed to developing only products of the highest quality.

Benefit from our many years of experience, our high-quality products and our excellent customer service. Become part of the DEUFA network and let us be successful together.

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