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LUNA Snail Repeller Fence
Nr. 610 007

The gentle solution for your snail plague

  • Effective and environmentally friendly snail repeller for protecting plants and herbs
  • Special metal curved edge at the top: Snails simply can’t get over!
  • Minimal risk of injury for other garden creatures and children
  • No environmentally harmful substances used
  • Extendable on all sides: The design allows you to extend the fence by combining straight panels and corner connectors to suit the size of your garden
  • Straight panels and corner connectors made of galvanised steel sheet with corrosion protection for long-term outdoor use
  • To get you started, the basic set consists of twelve 1-meter straight panels and four corner connectors. You can then add to the basic set to suit your needs!
  1. First, use a spade to dig a channel 8- to 10-cm-deep around the area that is to be fenced off. Then slide straight panels into one another to achieve the desired length (min. 5 cm overlap) and connect these with the corner connectors. Fix the positioned panels in place with soil.
  2. After you’ve put up the fence, there may be unhatched snails inside already. In the first season after setting up the fence, you should therefore check the screened-off area for snails and remove any you find.
  3. Caution! Make sure overhanging plants do not allow snails to climb over.
Product specifications

Materials: Galvanised steel sheet

Weight: 15 kg (610 007), 1 kg (611 004), 200 g (612 001)

Dimensions: 1000 x 250 x 40 mm (611 004), 250 x 110 x 110 mm (612 001)

Packaging variants
Packaging unitProduct no.:EAN
Basic set (12 straight panels, 4 corner connectors)1610 0074004718 610 007
Straight panel (extension)1
611 004
611 059
4004718 611 004
4004718 611 059
Corner connector (extension)1
612 001
612 056
4004718 612 001
4004718 612 056