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LUNA Tube Trap for Voles

Nr. 405 009

“Plastic tube trap for the humane live capture of voles”

  • Tube trap with entrances on both sides for the humane live capture of voles without risk of injury
  • Tube is made of 100% recycled plastic with viewing slot to check the catch
  • Flap door made of galvanised steel sheet with corrosion protection for long-term outdoor use
  • Trap has no tension or resetting mechanism, helping to avoid injuring the animal in live capture
  • No danger of injury for children, pets or other garden creatures


  • Voles are rarely found alone and they dig tunnels several kilometres long. Locate the tunnels from the mounds of earth and remove these. Then open the tunnels down to a depth of around 20–30 cm. Check the openings after around 24 hours. If the tunnel is closed up again, it’s an inhabited tunnel. Open the tunnel again and position baited traps in all inhabited tunnels. Use several traps to make sure you capture the voles.
  • Voles are drawn to vegetables (carrots, potatoes, celery, etc.). Do not use animal products as bait. This prevents you from capturing moles by mistake.
  • You must wear gloves when setting and positioning the trap – voles have a very sensitive sense of smell and might be warned off by the human scent. Wearing gloves also prevents injuries!
Product specifications

Materials: Plastic, galvanised steel wire, galvanised steel sheet

Weight: 100 g

Dimensions: 200 x 50 x 50 mm

Packaging variants
Packaging unitProduct no.:EAN
405 009
405 054
4004718 405 009
4004718 405 054
1 unit with hanger1
405 108
405 153
4004718 405 108
4004718 405 153


  1. Place the bait in the tube
  2. Place the trap in the inhabited vole tunnel and then close the tunnel again

Check the trap regularly!

Bait suggestions

Carrots, dandelion roots, celery, etc.