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manufacturing traps since 1892

DEUFA GmbH is a medium-sized company based in Neuburg am Inn in Bavaria, Germany. Now in the hands of the fourth and fifth generations, the family business has been producing rodent traps since 1892. The traps facilitate the species-appropriate, non-toxic and environmentally friendly pest control of mice, rats, voles and martens.

DEUFA GmbH manufactures all the products in its LUNA, LUCHS, FOX, WINA and PlastiCat ranges exclusively in Germany. Under the “Made in Germany” seal, all the company’s products are known for their high quality and reliability. In development, procurement and manufacturing processes, environmental sustainability is a key consideration when selecting raw materials such as certified wood and steel products from the European Union. At the same time, we are also focused on reducing the transport miles in our raw materials procurement and product sales chains.


Family business – solar power – sustainable manufacturing in the countryside

At DEUFA GmbH, the company’s origins and traditions play an important part in the way the company is run today. The traditions that have defined the company over the last 125 years have called for courageous decision-making, and these decisions represent the basis for a positive future.

The species-appropriate and non-toxic control of pests through the use of traps is an efficient, intelligent and environmentally friendly form of pest control. No poisons or pollutants are released into the environment. Even when it comes to pests, the environment, nature and all its creatures deserve our respect, and we should always use species-appropriate traps. Our guiding principles when introducing new products and developing existing ones include user friendliness, consideration of the experiences of our customers and compliance with animal welfare regulations


In 1888, the company founder Franz Keim (first generation) inherited his father’s forge in rural Dommelstadl in the municipality of Neuburg am Inn in the eastern part of Lower Bavaria.

Just four years later, in 1892, he began producing Bavarian wire traps. In the period around the turn of the century, these traps were the biggest sellers and were produced by hand in a three-shift operation. The Franz Keim – Fallenfabrik company was founded in 1892.

Ten years later, in 1902, the company introduced the handcrafted production of snap traps for mouse and rat control.

Over the following years, the company founder and his sons, with the design and construction of the world’s first automated machine for manufacturing fully assembled mousetraps, made the leap from a manual enterprise to series production. Around the same time, a semi-finished machine for producing rat traps was taken into operation.

By the end of the 1920s, LUNA animal traps by the Franz Keim – Fallenfabrik company were in demand not only in Germany but across Europe.